ABOUT Mountain bros.

Mountain Brothers has been a part of the Wears Valley community since 2010. We have family ties to this community that go back many generations - so this area is very special to us. The idea for this store was to offer a glimpse into what it may have been like to walk into a family-operated general store a long time ago. We wanted the creaky floors, the variety of offerings, and the quirkiness you would find in a small community general store. We like to think that when people come to our store and take that first step on the creaky floor and smell the fresh coffee that they begin to relax and enjoy the experience.

At Mountain Brothers, everything has a story. Our front counter was originally in a bar, circa 1850s, in Colorado. To date, you can still see burn marks from cigar smoking patrons - and there's still a hidden bell button in the back that was used to ring a loud bell if a gun fight were to break out.


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